It’s your worst enemy and you don’t even know it.

Are you spinning your wheels but not gaining traction?  Stuck on pause?  Can’t decide which way to go?   Stuck in a state of 6′s and 7′s (confusion) where you just can’t get into action on anything? 

If so, you may be suffering from something you’ve never even heard of;  it’s called a Chronic Maybe Syndrome (or CMS)  It means being stuck in the middle, being able to decide or act and may well be the worst enemy you could ever have.

CMS is a disease characterized by an inability to make up your mind, leading to the incapacitating condition of being unable to get into action toward the accomplishment of your goals.  It is a malady which substantially limits your life activities and is far more common than previously thought.  For the salesman or woman particularly, it is the kiss of death.   CMS has ruined more sales careers than any other single factor. It’s deadly and even worse, it’s contagious!

Misdiagnosis of the symptoms of Chronic Maybe Syndrome can definitely jeopardize successful rehabilitation, but with correct evaluation and proper treatment, the recovery of the disabled person is almost guaranteed.

THE SYMPTOMS: Often the symptoms are fear-based: fear of making a mistake or failing; fear of being embarrassed or fear of appearing foolish, stupid or different; feelings of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, worry, unease, concern, and stress are also common manifestations.

Other symptoms are based in real or imaginary loss or threat of loss: loss of position, possessions, altitude, friends, reputation, status, money or anything considered valuable to you.

At the bottom are the symptoms based in apathy; despair; frustration; hopelessness; indecision, feeling paralyzed, thinking without action, feeling nothing matters, doubt,  indifference; second-guessing, disinterest, feeling stopped, stuck, motionless, lack of feeling, lethargy,  inertia, and depression.

Anyone has had some of these symptoms, but if your life has become a steady diet of them, you’re on your way down, with all flags struck.

THE CAUSE: The cause of chronic maybe syndrome is not difficult to understand.

It is simply this: to decide, you must first understand — and understanding requires clear perception or observation.

The complete process is: any action is preceded by a decision to do so; but before you can decide, you must have some understanding of the elements under consideration; understand requires that you are able and willing to correctly observe your surroundings.  A willingness to perceive is the first and most important step.

Simply, it breaks down to these four elements taken in sequence.  Like walking upstairs; just put one foot in front of the next until you get to the top and the final step is easy to take.

a)    observe
b)    understand
c)    decide
d)    act

Being stuck in a maybe is a trap – and like a magnet, it attracts more maybes to it.   There is no initiative when your life is “stuck on pause.” When you’re stuck in indifference or indecision, your life is passing you by while you’re in a deep apathetic slumber, pretending not to notice or to care.  But, the truth is that you’re always better off making a decision (even if you change it later) than to live your life afflicted with chronic ‘maybe’ syndrome.

Okay, now you have the inside scoop on what’s going on.  No more excuses, no more complaining.  You see what needs to be done. The decision is easy.  Either you want to survive or you don’t.  Stop pretending that you’re a natural-born loser.  It’s time to act.  Now!  Your life depends upon it.

What are you waiting for?

daniel w. jacobs
© 2008-2020, all rights reserved

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