Life can be best described by what is is not, rather than what it is.

For instance, it cannot be heard, weighed, measured, or dissected, and is not visible to the naked eye. Variously called élan vital, life-force, vitality, vigor, the inner self, essence, or essential nature, we can see only its manifestations.

It cannot be bought or sold. It is not thought, it is that which creates thoughts. It simply is itself.

Not unlike the concepts of awareness, enthusiasm, energy, space, truth, ethics, honesty, change, power, wisdom, communication or affinity, we can observe only effects of what life creates.

Life, therefore can be described as something that observes, decides, considers; something that can have opinions, goals, purposes, and desires; and most of all, something that creates and experiences.

Life itself is not limited by the considerations of the physical universe. It exists in a universe commonly called, the spiritual universe, which co-exists wit, but is senior to the physical universe.

The degree to which one becomes aware of this invisible universe and recognizes its absence of limitation, one is able to be at cause over the factors of existence in the universe of mechanics.

In short, life is not a thing, but it still exists as itself. Even to try to describe it as “invisible, or an “illusion” or “time-less,” fall short. It is best described by the absence of the limitations we have all agreed with when living in the physical universe.

If you can consider yourself to be without limits or limitations of the physical universe, you are left with that which can create the physical universe. And that is life.

Daniel Jacobs, 2016

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