What is a Criminal?

Most people are reluctant to face wrong-doers face to face. They like to think well of others and are slow to recognize the destruction that they create constantly.

The criminal is such an individual, along with politicians, banksters, lawyers, and other corrupt and degraded characters.

First of all, a criminal cannot do honest work. They can’t help. If they do offer their assistance,  their “help” is so injurious it destroys lives in the process. They can’t imagine any possible consequence resulting from their evil intentions. They preach incessantly about high morality, integrity, and justice. Yet ideas of truth, honesty, character, honor or being wrong are foreign concepts that never, ever apply to them.

Like poison ivy, they’re easier to avoid than to get rid of. But, in fact, it’s worse than that. They are like battery acid, they corrode, corrupt and contaminate everything and everyone they touch with their brand of rightness.

How many lives have they destroyed? They lost count decades ago, at the same time, claiming, “What does it matter anyway?”

Just don’t let the next one be you.

Daniel Jacobs

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