As a veteran of the Vietnam War, serving in the U.S. Navy, I have continuing admiration and respect for all military personal, past and present.
I wrote this short piece to honor them and to remind us that freedom is not free, but that it requires continuing alertness and willingness to stand against those who would undermine and weaken our liberties and inalienable rights. The price of freedom is never too great when the cost of indifference is so dear.
This is my gift to all Veterans for their courage, dedication, and honor to country.  daniel w. jacobs


To live a life of truth is to live a life of power

Believe nothing because once uttered by a wise man

Believe nothing only because it is written in ancient texts

Believe nothing solely because “everyone else” says it is true

Believe nothing just because it is claimed to be of divine origin

Believe nothing that says you can’t achieve your own dreams and goals

Believe nothing you cannot personally see as truth, and this includes anything I’ve written here.

Moreover, live the life you love and love the life you live. Trust your instincts, and be true to yourself first, because truth is freedom and freedom is truth.

Daniel Jacobs, 2011

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