Letter to CWK

Thanks for the attaboy on my assessments. 🙂

As to being in a “sniping mood” and watching the “news,” here’s a snippet from my tape notes on the subject:

“There is no such thing as good press. These fellows who are shoving the environment in your face and saying, “Look – dangerous. Look – overwhelming. Look – threatening.

Well, they not only report the most threatening bits of news that couldn’t have any possible effect upon their readers’ lives, but also sensationalize it and make it worse than it is.


What more do you want as a proof of their intention? Well, of course, this is the chaos merchant. He’s paid to the degree that he can make the environment threatening.”


– Scn Zero, Handling The Dangerous Environment


As an aside, this subject is the essence of my consulting work. Even recently when I took on this project in NH, I knew what I was dealing with far better than they did. To put a label on it, they were over-restimulated.


This is the general subject, one that any Field Auditor must be acutely aware of, identify and deal with before any auditing is begun: “Handling the Dangerous Environment”.


The general public, after all, isn’t even aware that they are restimulated let alone over-restimulated. Before a person starts out in auditing, he has to be in present time to some degree. But if he is over-restimulated and overwhelmed with serious present-time issues, there are not enough free attention units to get anything productive accomplished in auditing.


For example, if a fellow is facing a boa constrictor, and it’s about to constrict, where do you think his attention fixated? To throw that individual into auditing as the only solution is fruitless and a waste of time as it does not handle what he’s sitting in and trying to cope with daily.


The first thing one has to address is handling the immediate environment that they live in, which is, of course, the “is-ness” (reality) of things. Ignore this step, and you’ll run into the skipped-gradient symptoms of frustration, difficulty, failure, defeat, hopelessness, and disappointment.


One’s existence is as apathetic or as unhappy as his environment seems to him to be overwhelming. Once the environment is calmed down a bit and his attention is more under control, life becomes more liveable, and his methods of taking care of his environment is adequate for his survival.


Sorry to go on about this subject as I know you’ve already got the idea, but this is primarily what I deal with when I get a “911” call from a client. I’m never thrown by the turmoil they find themselves in because I know exactly what is going on. Once they understand that idea, they realize that I have enough confidence for both of us. I become the stable datum, at least until they’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat (cause point) again.


As an aside, this write-up is my “hat” as a personal executive consultant. When I see that they’re ready to move on, I ship them off to the local Org.


This is exactly what happened with what I’ve been working on for the past three months. The wife has gone to the local Org and signed up for the Purif/Objectives program, and the husband continues his work with me via phone at this time. He is working at a new job as CEO for a company in Austin; I believe there is a write-up on him in the Wall St. Journal this week.


Not many people know of or recognize that there is such a hat. (of course, LRH knew and wrote and talked about it many times). Those who do know and are willing to jump in and handle the emotional firebolts and turmoil that exist in that environ are even fewer still.


If there is one distinguishing element of my work with people, it is simply that I do what I have to do when I have to do it. I don’t make the person adjust to the one fixed solution that I know how to do. I adjust to them accordingly. Inevitably, as they get their share of wins they see that I know the way out of the quagmire, their confidence grows, and the environment calms down and life becomes liveable again.


Now you share this hat with me to the degree you are willing to wear it.




















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