Ah yes . . . truth.

Truth is something that has been searched for and fought over for ages – mostly with naught to show for the effort. It is the stuff of which disagreement is rampant and even something for which wars are waged, inevitably to no avail.

 And countless times, many have even put forth the proclamation that they have found “the truth.” But they offer only “faith in” to support their claims while firmly asserting the wrongness of any other point of view. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

So what is truth and where do we find it?

The origin of the word truth leads us in the direction of “actual fact or actuality of existence,” but then begs the question, “What is existence? The dictionary says that existence means “to be real or extant.” Well, okay, but then leaves unanswered, the statement, “to be real.” My trusty dictionary defines “to be real” as something that “exists in actual fact,” . . . and round and round we go, endlessly.

I feel like I’m sinking deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole into the thickets of significance and circular reasoning, like saying: “A is true because B is true, and B is true because A is true.” Or “Truth is true, because if it’s true. And that’s the truth.” What?

I’m about ready to throw in the towel . . . And I’m not alone.

For ages, philosophers have drawn many a long beard walking through the gardens contemplating this question about what is truth, with little or no success. Even the learned philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer side-steps the issue entirely, by offering only an observation of the effects of truth, but never defining the term itself.

He says: “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Huh? Is he claiming that truth is evidenced only on how much it is agreed up? And when it is believed it is then accepted as “self-evident” and therefore, right. Definitely sounds like circular logic in my opinion.

Further, it does nothing to provide any clarification or understanding of “the simple truth.”

Well, maybe we can find the answer by looking at the legal arena, after all, they should know all about this, shouldn’t they?

Now, in legal terms and application, “truth” is so connected up with “facts” that they are inseparable and indistinguishable, as in: “truth equals facts and facts equal the truth.” Yet the examples of eye-witness “facts’ being completely untrue are legendary in many cases.

Hmmm . . . It seems that the simple truth is not so simple after all, is it?

Perhaps if we postulated that it is truth is complex only because it’s an abstract idea that we can’t see, smell, taste, touch, measure, weigh or buy at the corner grocery store. And because we’ve grown so accustomed to judging things by scientific means (meaning with physical universe measurement devices) that we can’t even conceive of any other way of looking at things.

But, this point of view is shallow and flawed in the extreme.

After all, most of us will agree that the lofty concepts of ethics, communication, trust, agreement, love, justice, honesty, and admiration exist, but that we see only the physical manifestations and effects that such things create, don’t we?

We do not see the concept or the idea itself with our eyeballs or any other measurement device because these things don’t exist in the material universe of matter and energy. They exist in a unique universe of their own. Only careful observation of the physical manifestations of such concepts, can we detect the effects that such things create.

Now, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring and humbly offer my own observations about the simple truth. After all, I don’t think I can do much worse

than the “big brains” who have come before me have done. I’ll also add certain identifying characteristics and examples that may find some agreement on the subject, presented here for your enlightenment, edification and/or possible entertainment.


(from my point of view)

Truth requires no agreement, approval, or license to exist. It cannot be stopped by physical universe means and it can cut through and penetrate the strongest armor in the material world. It can be weakened only by introducing lies, misdirections, confusions, and complexities where none before existed.

The simple truth has a permanence and clarity that stands on its own, requiring only the willingness and ability to observe and acknowledge for oneself.

Guarding against the incessant pollution of truth decay invading our space and infecting our minds at every turn can be daunting indeed, and avoiding this contamination of our thinking requires constant vigilance to even the
slightest intrusion.

Artificial methods of introducing disorder and complexity into truth are desired only by those greedy souls who seek secret fortune and hidden control to enhance their power over others.

It could even be argued that most emergencies, disorders, confusions, disasters and wars are intentionally created and being sold as “normal”, by such entities with nefarious purpose. Their real intent is to create a constant state of unremitting unrest, undue stress, unending uncertainty, and intolerable confusion so that people will blindly accept without inspection whatever solution they are fed.

The simple truth that can be understood by anyone, is antipathetic to those with evil intent, as their deeds and intentions would be exposed for all to see
when they would rather hide behind the dark curtain of lies, deception, and complexity.

The truth of simplicity and the simplicity of truth is not embraced by such individuals; it would, in fact, be fought with vicious and cruel ferocity!

The secret is, without exception, that all truths are basically simple. Only by intentionally planting seeds of untruth, fallacious argument, and false assumption can complexity and confusion infect, take root, and thrive.

Here are some examples of simple truths that require only personal observation for validation:

  1. Indecision=inaction
  2. Decision = action
  3. Uncertainty, indecision, and doubt lead only to disorder, contraction,decay and death.
  4. Certainty, conviction, and commitment lead invariably to orderlyexpansion, growth, and aliveness.

Basically, any resolution or plan for expansion is destined for failure if infected

with doubt, hesitation, or reservation.

The simple, yet essential truth is that correct observation, clear decision, perseverance, and persistence are the open sesame to success in any endeavor.

The Simple Truth knows no boundaries and answers to no authority.

The Simple Truth shines like Mars at Perihelion – ubiquitous, undeniable, unstoppable.

The Simple Truth remains the only route to freedom.

Daniel Jacobs
(c) 2015, all rights reserved

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