On The Road to Perdition: Part Two

This is a sober but accurate account of the current economic, financial and political environment in which we live today, with cogent comments on what the future may hold. It is the first half of an essay by Roger Wiegand, a writer whom I admire for his intelligent foresight, relentless courage and unfailing persistence. – daniel w. jacobs

Perdition is defined as utter loss or ruin . . . the loss of the very soul; being banned to hell and damnation by deliberately throwing it all away on a furious path of self-made destruction.

Politicians, central bankers, and Big Boy private bankers are at the oblivious end of their golden road of bond-binges and currency printing. All that remains is the final act of this decade long tragic comedy as these folks march down their trail to self-made economic doom.

This will not be the end of the world, but it sure could be the end of some national budgets and currencies, and a worsening unrecognized global depression, resulting in a new world war to produce a jobs program designed to escape this mess.

These banksters know how it ends and so do most of the smart folks on the street. However, as they struggle to keep this game in play, the unraveling results of their nefarious schemes are viciously slamming the little people: those consumers on the streets. This is a latter stage signal. A road ending lies ahead with a leap off of one very high economic cliff.

From taxpayer largesse and beaten-down shareholders these psychopaths enjoy generous perks, magnificent salaries, limousines and first class accommodations for travel. They attend useless, endless and meaningless meetings. These confabs and conferences are designed to further the pretense that they really do have a purpose in this world which, in reality, they do not.

It’s all just a major league corruption game to keep the pestilence of wholesale fraud permanently embedded into the economic system. This is an underhanded plot of intrigue deliberately designed to be used as a political and business agenda in a never-ending scheme of robbery conducted on a scale never before seen in history. However, it is coming to a hard close and a very bad ending sooner rather than later.

This time these boys and girls out-tuliped Tulip-Mania and out-bubbled John Law’s infamous South Seas Bubble. This baby is the mother of all scams: el Enchilada Grande of global crime… and it’s all out in the open for the whole world to see. It’s the perfect unstoppable crime as the street majority enjoys the receipt of gratuitous payoffs one way or the other in return for votes for clowns and crooks.

The scam works like this: Taxpayer funds are ripped off from hard –working folks to fund the game in an extravagant orgy of endless prolific spending. Those funds are in turn scattered among the herd for freebie handouts. As long as the useless idiots have cable TV and lots of free stuff to fund their pathetic existences, they vote for their Sugar Man, popularly known as Uncle Sam. And he, of course, controls the funds: who gets paid what and who receives certain favors.

Big money corporations and fat cats donate heavily to politicians, buying influence and tax breaks. The Congress does not do its job and they only vote as they are told by lobbyists (who, in fact, write the House and Senate bills for these elected idiots who are doing the actual voting). This is a circle jerk of “pass the cake” and “steal the money” and those who take the first slice enjoy the largest payoff amounts.

Cash Savers and Economic Conservatives  in Germany Are Under Attack

Germany has a very long history of thrift, hard work and production of manufactured products shipped all over the world. Since their banks did not engage in toxic housing loans and derivatives and other kinds of very risky loans placed by other international banks, they are ranked number one in the Euro-land membership. Both the German national government and the citizens of Germany are currently the most economically sound in Europe.

As a result of this positive condition, Germany, as a member of Euro-land is a cash grab target and is looked upon to be the beneficial savior for all their non-saving and wasteful neighbors who are primarily located in southern Europe (where those economies are a massive wreck).

German citizens, in response to these shrill howls, are saying “Nein!” They are just plain tired of being the paymaster for those who spend like drunks and assiduously avoid work.

Euro-land central bankers, the IMF, the World Bank and numerous others with banking and political influence are piling on the pressure for Germany to reach out and save their collective neighbors to prevent a crashing failure of the grand Euro-land experiment. That stupid idea was destined to crash and burn from its inception.

In our view, why should hard working Germans pay the vigorish, the “interest juice” to a bunch of crooked bankers who made bad loans? Those lenders thought those loans were bullet proof since the respective national governments were standing behind them.  Guess what? Those TBTF (too big to fail) governments standing behind the loans are insolvent.  They can no longer sell their crappy smoke-and-mirror bond paper!

The game is up and D-Day or debt day is nigh.  We say, let ‘em all go broke and start over, writing off trillions in paper bonds, notes, bills and currencies.  They will never get paid anyway; they just want the game to stay in play to continue their free and glorious ride to a bankers’ land of plenty.  We say, let’s do an “Iceland”.  We can write it all off and stiff the banksters!  What would they do, sue the national governments?

By Roger Wiegand

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