It is my considered opinion that when unrestrained corruption for personal gain is conducted with impunity; when decadence and wanton self-indulgence dominate the thoughts and actions of those with power or influence; when criminality goes on without consequence, and deceit and dishonesty are the order of the day, then the decline of the culture has become virtually irreversible.

Only when honesty and fair dealing is held in high regard, when truth is perceived as a desirable commodity, when any degradation of the human spirit and condition is met with anathema, and the impenetrable shield of personal integrity has value, will there be hope for mankind and the cultures of earth.

For, unsuspected in the glee of greed, the arrogance of avarice and profligate wastefulness, things can get worse. And this is fact, not just my opinion.

We cannot continue using oddball methods in economics, politics, cultural and personal lives, based on nothing but whim, opinions and selfish self-interest.


Because there are such things as the natural laws of life.

Ignorance of or violation of these laws can be hazardous to your wealth and your health.

A law is something you think with. It allows you to predict consequences and adjust your actions accordingly.

Yes, there are laws of the physical universe. Newton’s’ three laws of motion are an example. They work inevitably and invariably whether you agree with them or not. They do not require your approval to function. They just work.

There are also man-made, arbitrary laws, such as statutes, legal restraints, and rules, regulations that are enforceable with penalties, even if you disagree with them.

Then there are moral laws. These have been adopted to help ease the survival of the human race.

The natural laws of life deal with all people and all human relations and interaction. These also need no explanation other than an honest observation of the obvious.

The route out of the iniquitous din of our world today is the acknowledgement that such natural laws do exist; that their efficacy does not require your agreement; that the inevitably of their workability cannot be ignored without consequence.

The natural laws of living and life are not affected by lack of self-discipline and blatant disregard of morality and ethics. They do not require your agreement to work; they remain constant and immutable in spite of doubt or disbelief.

The natural laws of life exist independently of opinions and considerations; they just are.

They are the principles that underlie living. When life has become stressful or worrisome, one or more of these basic laws have been violated, knowingly or unknowingly.

When your methods of living begin to align with the natural laws of life, this fact alone brings hope that things will get better.


Because you’re not fighting against the time-honored natural laws that have been in existence since time immemorial – stretching beyond the limits of memory – so old that they seem to have always existed.

Why not do it the easy way?

You don’t have to invent these natural laws. You just have to be aware of them and use them to your advantage.

Believe me, it makes things a lot easier.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2012-2030, all rights reserved

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