A good illustration of “The Labyrinth of Morality” was discussed by the sociologist Robert Jackall when he explored the ethics of decision making within several corporate bureaucracies.

In his book, “Moral Mazes,” Jackall made several observations.

The mid-level managers that he spoke with were not “evil” people in their everyday lives, but in the context of their jobs, they had a separate moral code altogether, what Jackall calls the “fundamental rules of corporate life”:

(1) You never go around your boss.

(2) You tell your boss what he wants to hear, even when your boss claims that he wants dissenting views.

(3) If your boss wants something dropped, you drop it.

(4) You are sensitive to your boss’s wishes so that you anticipate what he wants; you don’t force him, in other words, to act as a boss.

(5) Your job is not to report something that your boss does not want reported, but rather to cover it up. You do your job and you keep your mouth shut.

( a tip of the hat for the above writing:

Why is it that makes people believe they can change the natural laws of existence to suit their fancy? Has the politics of immediacy replaced the principles underlying life and living. What’s up with this anyway?

In my experience, if your solution doesn’t work, you have either the wrong solution, or THE WRONG PROBLEM.

In this instance, I believe we’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

Okay, so what is the real problem?

The real problem is an ignorance of, or disregard of the immutable principles of life underlying all human interaction. Instead, we have adopted a wrong solution of inventing new and untried methods of survival while ignoring the natural laws of existence.

The ”fundamental rules of corporate life” referenced above provide a good example of this phenomenon.

Rather than face the consequences of what people instinctively know to be the right thing to do, they adopt instead the “safe solution” – which is anything but safe in the long run.

(to be continued)

d. jacobs, 10.16.13


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