Responsibility and power of choice go together. It’s impossible to have one without the other. You cannot force responsible on anyone, for then it becomes blame.

Absent any personal freedom to choose, “enforced responsibility” becomes the norm.

At which time, life and living deteriorates to only the slaves and the slave-masters, those few who are pulling the strings of our lives “behind the curtain” of deceit, corruption and greed.

It’s not difficult to understand what they are trying to achieve.

We can see, but don’t want to know, that while rapaciously gorging themselves on the wealth of this country, they’re comfortably sitting in overstuffed chairs planning their next steps for global domination.

But, they are not that smart and we’re not that dumb.

They know (as should we) that their biggest asset is our unwillingness to face up to what they have planned for us.

It seems so incredible that anyone would do such a thing; and that incredibility protects them and their nefarious intentions from visibility. They operate with secrecy, lies and deception but the one thing they cannot tolerate is the spotlight of truth shown in their direction.

So, here is the general outline of their “to do” list to accomplish their aims:

The Checklist:


Gain control of all “mental health” professionals by getting them hooked on government payoffs.

Buy off the psychiatric profession to putting a “mental disease” label on everything to gain control over normal thoughts and actions and get people used to being told what is right or wrong.

Wipe out the stability of the family unit by introducing the idea that that all discipline is harmful to children.

Undermine the idea of religion as old-fashioned and too rigid.

Promote the idea that people have the right to do anything they want without regard to consequences.


Tell the people only what they want to hear.

Promise them everything but deliver nothing.

Get the people addicted to the trinkets of welfare and free lunches.

Convince people that consumption creates affluence and debt is freedom until they are enthralled by the dubious benefits of commerce.

Seduce them into believing that slavery is emancipation and liberty is subjugation.

Brainwash the people to prefer the chains of slavery to liberty and independence.


Create enough economic, cultural and financial chaos until the people “demand to be governed.”

The penultimate con-game is complete when the people begin creating their own prisons and becoming their own jailers.

The game of the free being vs. the slave masters is now over. And they will have won. When freedom is lost, so is power of choice. Without the freedom to choose, personal responsibility becomes a foreign concept and liberty, independence is lost to a life of bondage, forced labor and servitude.

It’s time to WAKE UP.

Once you give up your willingness to be responsible for your actions, at the same time, you give up your power of choice, and your freedom.

If not now, when?

daniel w. jacobs

© 2012 – 2030, all rights reserved

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