Politicians, and others motivated ONLY by money and an insatiable thirst for power are fundamentally weak.  They possess a vacuous, corrupt absence of character commonly found all other such criminals, con-men, deviants and degraded perverts.

Sadly planet earth has no scarcity of such individuals.  But to elect them to positions of power is an insane act – ultimately condemnatory only of the electorate.  We have only ourselves to blame for our neglect and unwillingness to act.

A public, driven or seduced into an intentional apathetic slumber by the actions of those holding the purse strings are following the path of the “boiled frog” covered in more depth in my article on “Economic Seduction” of several years ago.

The price of freedom is never too great – when the cost of indifference is so dear.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009 – 2020, all rights reserved

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