There is a evil control game going on intended to make you into a slave.  You should know about this because you’re already in it.

It is a whole money-trap “game” of economic slavery, intended to keep your attention fixated on “want” and “not enough.”

You’re trapped by a bad case of, “the wants” as you become convinced that what you have is somehow “less than” what you should have.  You’re fed this information through various media channels on a minute-by-minute basis; it’s virtually inescapable.   And in our current society, money is evidently the only thing that will satisfy “the wants.”

It’s an addiction, pure and simple, and you’re hooked.  In the trap of needing more money, requiring more work to have more money, to buy more things to consume, requiring more work to have even more money . . . it’s a never-ending downward spirial.

But, the joke is that money is not they problem . . . it’s the lack of it.

People are constantly chasing after money instead of just focusing on resolving the lack of it. They can spend a whole lifetime in this futile pastime. And it is really not really a game at all.  A pastime is a substitute for a game.

Fundamentally, the problem with money is that you are focused on the wrong target. The real problem with money is the lack of money.

The more your attention is on the “lack” of money, the more you tend to create a scarcity of money, as it is axiomatic that you tend to attract or pull towards you what you keep your attention on.  If your attention is on “scarcity, don’t have, can’t afford, not enough” – then it follows that you will attract more of the same!

The immediate solution is simple: stop focusing on what you don’t have and start acknowledging what you do have.

You’ll begin to attract and draw towards you what you do want. Start looking at where you get money.  You’ll find that money primarily comes from other people; people that you are in communication with, right?  Have you ever gotten money from anyone you’re not in communication with?  I didn’t think so.

So, get out there and start communicating more with people . . . any people . . . just start flowing communication . . . your money flows will begin to open up which allows more money to flow in to you.

There are no scarcities except those that we ourselves create.    So, knock it off, unless scarcities are what you’re searching for.

Start putting your attention on what you do have; abundance, more than enough, affluence, and things will start to balance out so you can start to prosper and expand effortlessly.

They’re plenty of money on this planet to go around.  So lets knock off this “woe is me” stuff about not having enough money.  It pains me.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2020, all rights reserved

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