impasseNote: I wrote this piece four years ago and the truth about which I wrote at that time has gotten even worse. – Dan Jacobs, 2016

It’s time to pull back the curtain. We’re approaching an impasse which cannot any longer be ignored. This country is on the brink of extinction and “feel-good” pabulum fed to a gullible population will do nothing to change this.

It is my opinion and observation that the biggest impasse in this country is not between the have’s and the have-not’s, but between the makers and the takers.

The overriding concept of every economic, political, financial action taken by those “in charge” of this country is motivated by greed, corruption, and an unabiding fixation that they ‘know-best” about what is right for you.

They are wrong. They are corrupt, degraded criminals, one for one. And criminals cannot help, they cannot work, and they cannot see consequences of their actions.

And when policies of a country move predominately in the direction of rewarding the people who can’t or don’t work and punishing the once who do work, the end is approaching with increasing velocity (and ferocity). And that is what is happening today.

In my article on “The Boiled Frog” of several years ago, I warned of this insidious situation approaching. I wish more people would have read that article for we’re rapidly approaching the boiling point and liking it, even encouraging it.

boiled frogThe “makers” are those “behind the curtain” – those who want a ‘one-world’ society and a ‘new world order’ –  with them at the helm. Of course, they “know-best” – at least in their opinion. If only it were true.

The “takers” are the uninitiated who are satisfied to be broken pieces in the game, exchanging their freedom and liberties for bread and games.

We’ve all been here before, with disastrous consequences. We didn’t learn the lesson then and now we will pay the price.

IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP, before it reaches the point of critical mass (rapidly approaching). 

What you’re smelling is not roses.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2012-2030, all rights reserved

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