What is energy? And where can I get some?

It is generally agreed that matter is condensed energy. In the physical universe, energy can be found in many things and takes many forms. There is potential energy in objects at rest that will make them move if resistance is removed. There is kinetic energy in objects that are moving. The molecules making up all matter contains a huge amount of energy, as Einstein’s E = mc^2 pointed out to us. Energy can also travel in the form of electromagnetic waves, such as heat, light, radio, and gamma rays. Your body is using metabolic energy from your last meal as you read this.

Energy is constantly flowing and changing form. If you take your metabolic energy and rub your hands together, you have made metabolic energy into mechanical energy. Your hands will heat up. That is some of the mechanical energy turning into heat energy.

So energy can change form, but where did that energy ultimately come from?

So the short answer is that the energy we encounter and use everyday has always been with us since the beginning of the universe and always will be with us. It just changes form all around us. That is called the law of conservation of energy.

But there are another kind of energy: invisible energy.

This is energy of a different kind, one that can not be weighed, measured, or perceived by physical universe means. It includes things like attention, admiration, validation, love, thought, emotion, goals, purposes, trust, honesty, faith, belief, ethics, and intentions. All these come under the broad label of energy. Because, these are, after all, factors that stimulate and motivate action, don’t they?

You get up (goals) and go to work (purposes) to exchange (ethics) your metabolic energy to help produce valuable products (attention, ethics) for another form of energy (money) and the belief (trust) that it be exchanged for things you need to survive.

In fact, this prime motivating factor for generating energy is not found in the physical universe at all, only the manifestations are visible. This is your urge to survive, something that underlies everything that you think, do and have.

You could say that the most basic form of energy (motivation) in the non-physical universe (invisible universe) is found in this inborn urge for survival. It doesn’t really matter whether it is the carrot (positive reinforcement) or the stick (negative reinforcement) that gets you up in the morning and prompts you to get into motion to create the energy to get what you want.

The basic theory is that if you continue pouring energy on something, you’ll eventually get it. Whether this is physical universe energy or the invisible energy of your thoughts and emotions, intentions and desires, what you devote energy to, you tend to end up having. What you admire or value (invisible energy) tends to grow and become more powerful.

This is the basic idea behind predicting the future.

What to see what your future will be?

It’s not that complicated. Just look at what you are working the hardest on right now. What you are directing or pouring your energy and attention into at this moment creates your future.

The question is “How much do you want it?”

And if you have the courage and conviction to continue to create what you want in spite of all invitations to do otherwise, my bet is that you’ll get it!


Daniel Jacobs

© 2013-2030, all rights reserved

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