There are a small percentage of people who are fighting imaginary enemies that aren’t there for reasons that don’t exist. They also misidentify everyone else as actors in their imaginary world which is full of people attacking him. They see our ordinary actions as somehow intended to harm us.
If you give them a friendly “Hello” they may answer socially, but deep inside, they’re thinking, “What did he mean by that?” and they put their guard up to protect themselves from being attacked. To them, you’re just trying to get them to drop their guard so you can do them in.
Now we’ve been in situations where we’ve felt attacked but we’ve somehow gotten through it and moved on with our lives. But they don’t ever move out of that bad situation and they act as if it were still happening today.
They end up living in a world of terror that never changes. And they see everything and everyone as covertly or overtly as trying to kill him. They’re stuck at some earlier time and see everything from that earlier viewpoint.
Their odd reactions and unusual responses to everyday situations are subtle signals that they aren’t quite “there” with the rest of us. And they are easier to avoid than to get rid of.
If you do run into such people, your best bet is to limit your exposure. Put some distance between you and them, the more the better. You are going to change them. They’re stuck and nothing you say or do will help or make any logical sense.
Identifying and isolating them from the rest is the only remedy until they “wake up” and see the world that the rest of us live in, and realize that it’s not as threatening or scary as they imagined. Even then, they have to “re-learn” how to deal with everyday people in everyday situations. And that takes as long as it takes.
You become infected by their brand of insanity when you are “reasonable” about their irrationalities. Getting them to face anything directly is fruitless. They don’t see the world the way you see it. And to them, you’re insane to not recognize that the world if full of nothing but enemies trying to do you in.
“Help” to them is a foreign concept designed to trick them into letting down their defenses. So don’t bother or waste your time trying to get them to “see the light” – they can’t be wrong, ever. They are constantly asserting their rightness about everything at all times. The only thing possible to minimize their negative influence on your life is to let them be right enough to admit they’re wrong. Until that time, you’re always better off putting as much physical, mental, and emotional distance between you and them as humanly possible.
October 20, 2016
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