Who Is George Soros?

This quote, attributed to Mr. Soros, sweeps away any doubt when he says: “The main obstacle to a stable and a just world order is the United States.

In the opinion of many, George Soros is an evil man, anti-God, anti-family, anti-American, and anti-good.

Soros has been quoted as admitting to having carried some rather “potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”

Thai activist Weng Tojirakarn said, “We regard George Soros as a kind of Dracula. He sucks the blood from the people.”

Soros told Australia’s national newspaper “The Australian.”

“America, as the centre of the globalized financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world. This is now over. The game is out,” he said, adding that the time has come for “a very serious adjustment” in American’s consumption habits.  He implied that he was the one with the power to bring this about.”  – George Soros

Soros: “World financial crisis was “stimulating” and “in a way, the culmination of my life’s work.”

Fallibilism is the philosophical doctrine that all claims of knowledge could, in principle, be mistaken (of course, I could be wrong about that).  The “open society” basically refers to a “test and evaluate”  approach to social engineering. Regarding “open society” Roy Childs writes, “Since the Second World War, most of the Western democracies have followed Popper’s advice about piecemeal social engineering and democratic social reform, and it has gotten them into a grand mess.”

As Matthew Vadum writes, “The liberal billionaire-turned-philanthropist has been buying up media  properties for years in order to drive home his message to the American public that they are too materialistic, too wasteful, too selfish, and too stupid to decide for themselves how to run their own lives.”

Richard Poe writes, “Soros’ private philanthropy, totaling nearly $5 billion, continues undermining America’s traditional Western values. His giving has provided funding of abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage and other radical experiments in social engineering.”

Note: this article contains excerpts from a longer article researched and written by CBS’s, Mr. (Steve) Kroft.

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