Oh yes, “the government knows what it’s doing and it’s for our own good.”

That’s about as frightening a statement as the old saw, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.”

I’ve written in several articles on this topic of the big con-game being run on us over the past several years “Financial Musical Chairs” is the most recent.

How stupid do they think we are?

Now I’m not one of those “big brains” that pretend to see through the myriad of complex details that make up any government program.  It seems to me that they can’t see the forest for the trees and need a double helping of common cents (spelling intended).

Doesn’t it seem at least remotely possible that the Wall Street banksters are acting in collusion with the Government administrators and the Federal Reserve (and others “behind the curtain”) to perpetuate the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History on the American people?

Yes it’s true. Read it and weep. Even Bernie Madoff, the penultimate con-man himself, has been outdone.

I couldn’t believe it when Little Timmy Geithner ended up in the Treasury top spot.  To me that’s like hiring the fox as the head guard of the hen house.

And Big Ben Bernanke, what can I say, he makes me embarrassed to admit that I ever studied economics “the dismal science” at Michigan State University. Big Ben, along with our current president, with feckless abandon are giving away money as if they think we have it (which we don’t).

They’ve adopted their own version of Die Endlösung (German for, permanent solution) to annihilate our currency value and destroy our way of life.

The fact that the “print more money” solution has failed every time it has been used in history (and it’s been used many, many times) seems to have escaped them.

Each time it has been tried, the result is unmitigated disaster for a country and its peoples. But it’s even worse. In our one-world, global economy, the existing fiscal policies being applied by the Fed and the White House are affecting the whole global economy, and not in a good way.

As for a “change we can believe in”, why not start with a change in our monetary controls (where any control at all would be a change); and forget about climate change and other distractions. Why not focus on sane fiscal change and we might be able to save this ship of state from going down with all flags stuck.

And as to this fiction that “the worst is behind us” and being fed a steady (boring) diet that it’s all smooth sailing ahead (mouthed through every media possible). Anyone that believes this boldface lie deserves what they get.

obama1 compressedIMHO, I’m sick of seeing Obama’s arrogant face on TV every seven minutes during the day.  Doesn’t this guy have a job to do?  What’s up with this anyway?  Talk about overexposure!  This is nuts.  I didn’t vote to elect a pop star.

He is seriously out of his league to deal with the real heavy-weights behind the curtain who are really in charge.  I guess the only thing our puppet president can be useful for is to dutifully read his teleprompter (apparently the only thing he does well) and recite up the party line du jour, given to him by the powers that be.

And for those of you who can swallow all this without gagging,  I’ve got some great real estate on the Florida coast that I can get you into . . . cheap!

Sometimes it pains me . . .

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2030, all rights reserved

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