demonYou just have to hold out a little longer . . .  it’s almost over.  You’ll be free of them soon enough soon enough.

If you can avoid running up a big karmic debt in the next few days; refrain from hurting yourself or others in a misguided attempt to fix situations that can’t be fixed; steer clear of temptations designed to throw you off the right path; you’ll be home free.

Soon the whole cast of monsters, demons, bullies and goons will pack up their inane torture devices and go trundling back to the hells from which they came.

Ignore the distractions, the negative dispersing chatter of small minds mouthing irrelevant, inconsequential opinions.wisdom

Keep your eye on where you’re going and what you’re trying to do and you’ll make it.

It’s almost over . . . and soon you’ll be free of them for good.

daniel w. jacobs
© 2008, all rights reserved

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