Did you realize that we all live in a force universe of unknown limitation? Yep, it’s true as such is the nature of the physical world: total force.

Some, in their own small way, seek to bring aesthetics to a world composed primarily of corruption, degraded criminals, robotic and humorless managers and executives, and unappreciated and unacknowledged artists.

And yes, there are others who try and add the ingredients of love, beauty, appreciation and admiration, honor, justice and fair play to our lives. And their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. But it’s a losing battle in the face of seemingly infinite force working against you.

What to do?  Clearly, doing nothing is the wrong thing. One person can make a difference and it starts with an idea.

You can start by disagreeing. Disagree with those who say something can’t be done, with the naysayers who only see physical universe stops, with small minds who can’t think past the compulsion to acquire more stuff, those who cannot conceive of the obvious fact that we’re all trapped in a prison of our own making. Just stop being so damned agreeable and you’ll find your innate power, intelligence, and dynamic thrust come to life again.

There is no reason this can’t be accomplished, except one: you agreed with the concept that things, people, attitudes, circumstances, conditions, and ideas, are able to stop people. And, as you are one of these “people,” therefore, you too can be stopped.

Just disagree and watch what happens. But hang on to your hat, because your native power is far stronger than you ever imagined.

Daniel Jacobs
(c) 2016, all rights reserved

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