life sentenceInmates have a saying about the CO’s (corrections officers) that work in the space they both occupy behind bars.  Amongst themselves of course, the inmates say the guards are just, “doing their life sentence on the installment plan.”

The reason is that both the CO’s and the inmates alike are subjected to rigid and repressive controls over their lives. Strictly limited freedoms, restricted movement, locked behind bars for most of the day, subjected to continuous monitoring, and being required to follow the orders and dictates of superiors without question, there is not a lot of difference. Both inmates and the guards are caught in a system that allows limited freedom of movement only within the dictates and whim the powers that be.

The only difference between the two groups is that the guards are “doing their life sentence on the installment plan” (part time) and the inmates are doing “real time”, (24/7).  In my opinion, the inmates may have gotten it right this time.

I’m reminded of the intentions and actions of those select individuals “behind the curtain” – the so-called privileged super elite of this planet. In their Dan in club with hat looking down totalitarian police state which has absolute and unlimited control over every action and thought of its people through propaganda, secrecy, constant surveillance, and harsh punishment.

But, who can blame them? After all, they know best don’t they?  Haven’t they been selected by nature to lead the masses?  Aren’t they – the privileged few – the chosen ones by birth to direct the lives of others according to their whim?  Wouldn’t we in fact prefer to let them have unlimited power all the rest of us, (the great unwashed) so we can all continue doing our life sentences as slaves in their version of a present-day police state?

Yes, I’m afraid that these types would proudly say that they are doing a fine job (over the protests of the masses).

A  look behind the curtain will reveal how those privileged few are using the concepts of social darwinism (the belief that evolution can be used to determine social laws similar to natural ones). By reason of birth alone, certain chosen ones are destined to be the controlling power over all the rest of us. You are thereby destined to continue doing your life sentence on the installment planall the while under the thumb of those pulling the strings.

The proponents of social Darwinism believed poverty and many other social ills were the result of bad genes, stating that the strongest or fittest should survive and flourish in society, while the weak and unfit should be allowed to die. In the 1920s, eugenics movements were popular in many countries, including the United States and Germany. Eugenics is the study of human improvement by genetic means. Many eugenicists saw themselves as visionaries who would one day create a world free of poverty, and physical and mental illness. Some American lawmakers cited eugenics in their efforts to limit immigration from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Ireland.

Social Darwinism was popular among many intellectuals in the nineteenth century, but has since been rejected. Subsequent research has undermined rather than supported the theories of social Darwinism.

The concept itself draws upon the common use of the term Darwinism, which is a social adaptation of the theory of natural selection as first advanced by Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

But, the groundwork philosophically behind the term, Social Darwinism was begun with British economist and social philosopher Thomas Malthus.

In his “population theory,” his view was that populations grow so rapidly that they outdistance the food supply making poverty natural and virtually inevitable.

Thus, he would consider epidemics, famines and conflict as useful to the “thinning out” of the population.  Therefore, we should not “tamper” with this normal and “beneficial” course of events.

The British aristocracy aligned with this idea and welcomed it.  This idea offered them an outline of self-preservation at the expense of the under classes.

Malthusian population theory is based on the assumption that food supply increases arithmetically while population grows exponentially.  This imbalance produces an ever-widening gulf between food production and population.

Therefore, he proposed that the poor and lower members of the social scale be discouraged from having children and wages of the working population not be raised, as the worker would feel encouraged to produce offspring if he had more money.

Malthus viewed unchecked disease, starvation and war as having a socially beneficial purpose.  He believed that a nation should subject itself to the reduction of the population surplus through famine, pestilence and war.

He was, in my estimation, the source of the idea of the pursuit of the “expendable inferiors” though this idea has appeared many times throughout history.  Fear, bias and irrationality were actually responsible for this “population theory.”  It is not hard to expose it for what it is.

This “control the population” idea is all too familiar, and very “old hat” as I’m sure you are aware from study of the history of this planet.

Thomas Malthus

Thomas Malthus

Standing alone, Malthus’ theory might seem harmless enough.  However, Darwin picked up the gauntlet and postulated that under the conditions proposed by Malthus, that the favourable variations in people would then to be preserved and the unfavorable ones would be destroyed…sound familiar?

This was in fact, the basis on which Darwin began his “theory.”

Now, Darwin’s work initially related to the animal world as you know, dealing with natural selection and survival of the strongest or best equipped to survive.

Darwin didn’t confine his theories only to the animal kingdom however; he bridged it over to include mankind.  Herein, the theories of Malthus and Darwin became entangled.  This turned into “Social Darwinism.”

Man came to be regarded as just another animal, higher on the evolutionary scale, but an animal nonetheless.  As Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species“, published 24 November 1859 – considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology – was hugely influential in the 19th century, in my estimation this set the stage for the introduction of and promotion of the “man is mud” theory so prevalent today.

As this is based upon a lie, it is clearly unscientific not to mention untrue and unsupportable, yet is still used extensively to support other theories.

Man is not an animal; he is not his possessions, his bank account or anything else.  He is a spiritual being.  When one tries to apply the observations and theories of the animal kingdom to man one will inevitably fail.  Then more and more force is necessary to make the theory work and we end up with brutality, racism, ignorance, stupidity, lies and aberration.

There are many theories about the human body and about it being not more than an “animated vegetable.”  However when you include a live being in the equation, you have more than an animal, you have “homo sapiens” which is different than only an animal.

I do know that once the true source of the degradation, oppression and suppression of this planet is revealed, we will have a much easier job of it.  After all, it is not a natural state for man to be in a constant state of turmoil, unrest and constant threat or danger from some “unknown” source.

This universe is in remarkably bad shape; it didn’t just “happen.”  It was put there intentionally, one way or the other.  It should be clear that at the root of any bad condition, there must be some toxic source or negative connection hard at work trying to keep things in a constant state of turmoil

Perhaps this would be a fruitful string to pull on discovery of really what is going on “behind the curtain” to find what it is that seems designed to keep civilizations in a state a constant anxiety.  Maybe it’s as simple as big pharma wanting to sell more drugs, but I suspect that the true intention is far more sinister.

It is my opinion that there are those who view the vast majority of peoples on this planet as no more than animals to be herded, controlled, used and discarded.

In is also my opinion that the power elite believe they are the only ones who “know best” about what you should be, do and have . . . not to mention what you should think and how you should act.

These are the slave-masters.  The ruling elite.  Made up of some of the most evil individuals on the planet, they are not looking out for your best interest.  Deep down in their degraded and criminal minds, they never have enough. They are trapped in their own destructive intentions and actions.  The fact that true freedom is an alien concept to them, only confirms this fact.  Power is their never-ending quest as they already have control over the economics of the planet.

A super-controlled, police state, unthinking robot society is considered an “ideal” for them.  Of course, with them behind the curtain pulling the strings on their puppet society.  Social Darwinism provides the academic and scientific rationale supporting their aims. At least in their limited range of vision.  Their fixated hatreds cause them to see anyone or anything that would thwart their nefarious goals as an enemy to be destroyed, covertly or overtly.  They are blinded by their own harmful acts against mankind.  They hate others because they secretly hate themselves.  The only thing they cannot stand is the spotlight of truth being shown in their direction as they would shrink, wither and die forever.

Never forget that to them, you are their mortal enemy; for you are still alive . . . and they have long since given up any hope of true aliveness.

I have promised in this website to continue “cutting thru the bull” and give you the straight truth as I see it.  This article is no exception.

The few freedoms we still enjoy are fading fast, eroding from neglect, given up willingly to buy an easier life or to protect us from some real or imaginary enemy.  We are well on our way to creating an existence where we are all doing our own life sentence on the installment plan; and we are providing the energy to power the bars which keep us imprisoned.

Even if you do eventually wake up from your deep, apathetic slumber, and begin to dimly realize what is happening to you, it still may be too late to reverse the damage by those hard at work to keep you enslaved.

I sincerely wish I could do more to help you.  I fear that words alone will not be enough to get you to see what is going on.  But to wait and “go on hoping” that things will somehow change without effort on your part is naive in the extreme.

The time is now to take back your own life and your own freedoms.  Speak up now, or forever regret that you held your peace.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best:

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Start where you are with what you have, while we still have a few freedoms left, before they are gone forever.

As I have said in other writings – “the price of freedom is never too great when the cost of indifference is so dear.” ~d.jacobs

daniel w. jacobs
© 1997-2020, all rights reserved


  1. I love what you write and the way you write it. W.

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