What is depression anyway?
A casual search on Google came up with this:
“Depression is a serious medical condition that can hold you back from what you enjoy. And while no one knows for certain what causes it, experts believe that depression results when chemicals in the brain are out of balance.”

What?! “. . . no one knows for certain what causes it?” What’s up with this?

It doesn’t sound very scientific to me. Yet drugs are routinely prescribed every day to “treat depression” because it’s a “serious medical condition”.

It sounds to me like they’re just pissing in the wind and using human beings as guinea pigs to camouflage the fact that they have no idea what they’re dealing with.
My opinion is that depression is not the problem, it is a symptom. And continuing to use drugs to mask the symptom is not a solution, in fact, it makes the problem worse.
Doesn’t it seem that one might have a better chance of discovering the root cause of what makes a person depressed by looking at it as a symptom and not the cause?
I doubt that the big brains that prescribe more and more drugs would even consider they might be looking at the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.
Before you convince yourself that you’re depressed, you might want to look around and see if you’re not just surrounded by assholes.
D. Jacobs, 2019
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