dan with glasses copyLets face it. You’ve been had.

Everything you read or hear from the media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, magazines) telling you the world is going to hell in a hand basket, is a carefully planned and executed propaganda program.

They are trying to sell you something whether it be political, economic, or commercial. It is all part of a carefully developed plan to sway public opinion with their brand of propaganda. Don’t fool yourself, it is never otherwise, no matter what you’re told.

Their intention is to convince you that you “want” to buy more than you need or can afford; or that you must own something in order to be; and that you’re nothing if you don’t have it. Listen to this propaganda for a couple of years or decades, and you’ll begin to believe it.  All they are trying to do is get you into a semi-hypnotic state where you believe everything they tell you without question (a non-s0-subtle path to slavery).

But there is something more sinister at work here.

The hidden message is this: when you increase your indebtedness beyond any hope of paying it off, you end up being owned. This is true of you as an individual, it’s true for cities, countries and eventually, the world.

This is the intention motivating the slave masters, “behind the curtain” – to own the world and everything in it, including you!

Owning people is called slavery. It’s a system under which people are chattel and are considered to be the personal property of the owner, to be bought and sold like any other commodity. A slave is forced to work against their will, deprived of rights of normal human beings. Slavery can take many forms: debt bondage, forced marriage, indentured servitude, serfdom, and more.

In our culture, outright slavery is still somewhat protected. But the debt is the hidden slavery being promoted by the media as a unrelenting steady diet at every turn. It is a nefarious method by which you end up being owned; lock, stock and barrel.

Take a step back sometime and train yourself to count how many “messages” you are subjected to daily, each of these messages designed to seduce you into more and more debt.

If you learn nothing else from this short article, learn this: DEBT IS SLAVERY.

Yes, I realize I’m unusual, but I just never bought into the idea that another person should own me, my thoughts, my mind, my emotions or my body! I guess I just never wanted to be a slave.

Remember this the next time a new “free” credit card arrives uninvited in the mail. Recognize it for what it is: an invitation to slavery and being owned.

Now, if the government could just get this idea too!

daniel w. jacobs
© 2011-2030, all rights reserved

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