I friend of mine sent me an email this morning containing the following paragraph written by his investment advisor.  I was moved to reply as his writing hit a nerve for me and expressed my sentiments exactly.

Here is the paragraph mentioned above and my response following:

Charles Kraut

Charles Kraut

We live in a country where you are presumed guilty until you can prove your innocence, which of course is contrary to both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Under such a presumption you may well lose your freedom from self-incrimination.  Even the innocent can be punished under such a government; it happens every day. Don’t let yourself become a victim by revealing too much, especially if you know you are completely innocent.” – Charles Kraut, MBA

Charles nailed it.  He is on the pulse of what is going on globally right now.  Typically when some malfeasance is exposed (Bernie Madoff, and the “regulators” are left standing naked with their incompetence hanging out, swinging in the breeze.  When it does – continuing an ongoing pattern of too little – too late – they usually end up penalizing the innocent and rewarding the guilty.

In the face of an obvious failure to enforce the regulations they already have on the books, they glut the system with even more rules and regulations and loop-holes for the guilty to crawl through.  All in a vain attempt save whatever little face they have remaining and avoid such embarrassment in the future.

Of course all these increased regulations move us ever more swiftly in the direction of a police state -which, some say, is the covert objective – by making nearly every normal action or inaction a felony offense and making the rule book so voluminous and burdensome that no one can read or understand it.  (can you say, IRS? – he classic bureaucracy where the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing).

But even this is only a “polite” was of saying what I really think.  Personally, I have become more suspicious and skeptical than I used to be in prior years, partially from witnessing first-hand the betrayal by “trusted” friends and reading about such behavior as a steady diet of daily news.

The suspicious side of my mind, might even say that this whole global financial and economic turmoil we’re in right now was a planned endeavor with the nefarious purpose of a power grab of unimaginable, global proportions.  Some even say that the “Boys from Basel” (those heading up the Bank of International Settlements – the central banker’s bank) knew what they were doing in 2004 with their issuance of their new rules about capitalization of banks and the inclusion of the “mark to market” accounting rule written into Basel II.

Prof. Peter Spencer, one of Britain’s leading economists, makes it very clear that the Basel II regulations “…are at the root cause of the crunch…” and that “…if the authorities retain the strict Basel regulations, the full scale of the eventual credit crunch and economic slump could be disastrous.”

The consequences for the macro-economy,” he says “of not relaxing (the Basel regulations) are unthinkable.

Others might even go as far as believing all this was a carefully planned crisis – patiently executed to produce the economic upheaval we have today, one of global proportions.  One that would create such a reaction world-wide reaction that “something must be done.”  Then like the cavalry riding in at the last moment to save the day, they create a new super agency to rule over the entire global financial markets.  They “solve” the problem they created by creating an even bigger one!  Could that happen?  Naw, no one could be that devious . . . or could they?

But I digress . . .

As I’m not really a conspiracy theorist at heart,  I’m just saying that I still hold out hope that the basic goodness of man will once again appear and that sanity, morality and ethics will begin to show their heads.

But, I’ll will tender some advice for those who not as forgiving as I am:  Keep your wits about you.  Keep your vigilance at high alert.  Play your cards close to the chest and keep your power dry and don’t be afraid to fire.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2020, all rights reserved


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