new hatSome people like to complicate things, like those structured financial products are meant to cheat others or convince people who things are so complex that they can never understand it – and that you need them to interpret it for them.

But the kicker is that they are intentionally complicating it so that you can not understand it. They’re trying to keep you weaker, confused and ultimately enslaved. And they secretly think you’re stupid to believe the line they’re feeding you.

Anyone can make something more complex. In fact most complexities come about because people can’t face something, so they invent or frantically search for anything to distract you from the truth.

Making something simple so that people can understand and use it, takes hard work. Your thinking has to be very clear to make it simple. But it’s worth the effort.

Clear thinking makes things simpler. It makes people stronger and live better lives.

This only happens when you have the intention to do so.

Do the work to turn complexity into simplicity, replace confusion with orderly thinking and you grow as you help others do the same.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2011-2030, all rights reserved

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