just cuttin' thru the bull

just cuttin’ thru the bull

Honesty, trust, truth. These are words that used to mean something, especially when coming from one we have put in a position of great power to lead this country in accordance with the fundamental principles the country was founded on.

Many continue to blindly and hypnotically believe his lies, his duplicity, and the verity that issues from his mouth every time he speaks, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Too many have been duped by the best con man this country has seen (his one and only claim to fame). The dependency that has been intentionally set in motion by those of nefarious intent has created a people hooked on entitlements and handouts. The American spirit of independence and common sense is dead or dying, supplanted by unquestioned belief, without critical observation or examination.

What is missing? In my opinion what is missing is the element of personal responsibility and leadership. Harsh control and force-feeding the people the newest and propaganda message du jour, carefully crafted to stir them into a state of insecurity and fear.

Those people “behind the curtain” pulling the strings are not good people. Their goals and purposes are easy to see as the evidence is all around us if only we muster up the testicularity to look for ourselves instead of swallowing the drivel put out in the medial as what is laughingly called “truth.”

They seek hidden, total, and unilateral control with their puppet king mouthing the words they want to hear, and his sycophant minion unashamedly waiting with bated breath on every dulcet uttered by the would-be, self-appointed “king.”

Absent even a smidgen of common sense, brainwashed into believing (even preferring) lies over truth, the sleeping masses care not a smidgen, as long as nothing disrupts their daily dose of corn and games.

Finally, when the truth might help anyone, the quintessential con-man will only tell people what they want to hear, for his purposes are motivated solely by self-interest, avarice and unmitigated arrogance.

This quote, which pull no punches and take no prisoners, is spot on:  “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” – Ron Paul

This is just my opinion, no better or worse than your own. I could be wrong . . . and so could you.

Daniel Jacobs

(c) 2014, all rights reserved





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