Dan again copyIf you want to stand out from the crowd, tell the truth. 

Someone said this to me when I was a kid. And they were right. While I can’t claim to have always abided by this rule, I did my best under the circumstances of inexperience and immaturity.

Professionally, I’m a jazz trumpeter. I’m also an intrepid writer and published author.

Jazz has taught me to improvise and I’ve applied these same principles to my writing. I tire of superficial, social veneers that mask the real person.

My intention is to touch people with my music and make a difference in their lives. My intention with my writing is to inspire people to live up to their potential.

My goal is to cut through the bull and get down to the real shyte. If you can’t face the truth, go read or listen to someone else.

My music is real, at the time I play it that’s how I feel. I don’t stay the same, so my music changes, but it’s still always me. The same thing is true in my writing.  I write what I’m interested in and what I feel and observe. I don’t write to please people or to be popular. My goal in my music and my writing is the same:  to express myself though my art and inspire people to do the same!

cutting thru the bull

just cutting thru the bullshit

A friend (Terry Puterbaugh) gave me this little ax in a stump, several years ago, saying that he thought it summarized how I operate in life: on the handle it says,

Just cutting thru the bullshit.”

He was right.  It is how I live everything day of my life.

It’s still on my desktop to this day.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009, all rights reserved

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