Let me give you some facts: This planet, politically, is an anarchy of nations. These nations are armed with (of ALL things on a small planet) atomic weapons. This is a catastrophe in the making in any whole track history book. To compound this, economic and social problems exist far beyond the norm for such a civilization and these edge a political scene toward war.

And it isn’t just atomic war: these same social and economic factors, with their attendant rising stats of brutal crime and ideological pressure, could bring about police states – as they are doing – in which no application of workable tech would be permitted and this whole civilization (as it has done before) could sink into a new dark ages that would swamp any forward motion toward freedom. And there are other factors which make speed imperative. We do NOT have any infinity of time to do the job.

The future could make the past on this planet look like a holiday!


ED 339R

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