ECONOMICS 101 – For Mr. Obama

The Federal government does NOT make money to pay anything!dj side view at computer

This is something that every college freshman in Economics 101 is taught.

It is the taxpayers’ money collected by the government that is supposed to be used to pay what we owe as a nation.

President Obama implies that small business owes its success to the GOVERNMENT!


According to Obama, if the federal government had not put money into roads and bridges that small business would have no way to get their goods to customers?

Who is he kidding?

In case you didn’t know, Mr. Obama, trails, roads, and railroads were built and operated with PRIVATE money long before the government ever got their tentacles wrapped around them in our “modern PROGRESSIVE” age.

Are you really trying to say that business is beholding to you and the government for their prosperity? Quite the contrary, sir. Business and the free market survive in this country despite governments’ best efforts to regulate and tax it to death.

This statement by Obama is nothing more than a shallow attempt by Obama to hit up business owners in the upper MIDDLE CLASS to pay higher taxes. These people are NOT the millionaires and billionaires whom Obama and his zombies love to vilify for being successful.

I’m glad my friends and I were kids when we were because our snow shoveling business would have been taxed and regulated right out of business. ” I can hear it now: “boys, do you have workman’s compensation insurance? Are you boys bonded and licensed? Do you have an accountant to make sure your taxes are paid quarterly?” The free market CANNOT operate when the government has it in a stranglehold, and Obama knows it!

Pull your head out of the proverbial SOCIALIST sand, Mr. Obama. Stop spending money that we don’t have on your failed utopian fantasies and start giving the American people the opportunities that your policies are denying them. Business owes nothing to the U.S. Government except what they are obligated to pay by law. Your feeble attempt to fleece small business and wage earners making $200,000 and above is beyond the pale.

Thomas Jefferson said that “a man (or woman) should be able to keep a majority of the fruits of their labors.”

Citizens of the United States do not exist to support and serve the government. Quite the contrary; our Constitution makes it very plain that the government is a creation, and servant, of the people.

They pay for it, and they maintain it. If need be, Mr. Obama, they also have the right to dismantle it and start over. I wrote this statement in a previous article, and I will repeat it here:

Our money does NOT belong to you.

You and this entire government answer to us. If our representatives are too gutless to hold you accountable, then we will keep replacing them until we find those who will.

You are turning this campaign into a nasty, personal assault; instead, you should explain your policies and what you plan on doing in the future. Maybe that says something about your presidency, Mr. Obama. No successes, no substance, no ideas.

If you really feel that strongly about your SOCIALIST ideology, then why don’t you think about moving to France and running for their Presidency? I understand that their new President is falling like a stone in the polls.

Oh, that’s right, he’s a SOCIALIST too; sorry. Adieu.

July 17, 2012 By Michael Nellett

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